The Team in Brazil

Eduardo Gusson

Director & Ecological Lead on Reforestation Projects

Eduardo is one of Brazil’s leading reforestation experts. He has a 17-year track record of designing, implementing and managing reforestation projects – principally in the Atlantic Rainforest – that deliver maximum ecological and biodiversity benefits for clients. He also regularly acts as a technical advisor to third party restoration projects.

The majority of Eduardo’s projects use a mix of native species that closely replicate how the natural forest would have been prior to deforestation. These projects therefore deliver on the widest possible range of sustainable benefits – beyond demonstrable carbon sequestration – and includes water and soil quality and maximise plant and animal biodiversity.

Eduardo is an alumni of Latin America’s leading university for ecological studies (University of São Paulo) and has a PHD in Conservation of Forest Ecosystems - Forest Restoration and Biomass Quantification, as well as a Master of Science in Agro-ecosystems Ecology and a Bachelor in Forestry (all from the University of São Paulo).

Eduardo is regularly cited in multiple environmental scientific publications for research on reforestation, vegetation and biomass science and has developed and manages a small team of scientific researchers who work with him on reforestation projects.

Fábio Tomas

Director & Project Lead

Fabio has been involved in reforestation for more than 20 years and most recently was the project manager for one of Brazil’s most famous examples of native reforestation: the Instituto Terra

Fabio has extensive experience in forestry project management and he is a specialist in ecological restoration, agro-ecological systems and applied ecology.

As well as being a leading practitioner in the application of ecological sciences, Fabio has been a lecturing professor at the Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Agrárias de Itapeva (FAIT).

Fabio has a post-degree doctorate in Applied Ecology, a Masters in Forestry Resources and a Degree in agricultural engineering – all from the University of São Paulo, the leading university for ecological studies in Latin America.

Rob Dwyer

Director & Brazil country manager

Rob has lived and worked in Brazil since November 2010. He is a journalist and business communications professional and has led marketing and editorial teams for a variety of professional services companies and media companies.

Most recently Rob has been researching and writing about ESG and sustainability issues in Brazil and Latin America, particularly regarding how global capital flows can be directed to develop projects in Brazil to benefit the environment and, more specifically, drive innovation in the Brazilian economy.

Rob has a BA from the University of Hull and is a Chartered Institute of Marketing-qualified marketing communications professional. He is fluent in Portuguese.

Contact Rob with any questions about how TBN Atlantic Rainforest could potentially help your company’s journey to net-zero or net-negative.