The Numbers A low cost and low risk path to Net Zero

The cost of sequestering carbon in the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest will vary depending on the cost of inputs and the size of the project being delivered. Using recent case studies and modelling with today’s costs, TBN is confident of delivering competitively priced and high quality carbon offset credits.

With the price of carbon credits expected to rise rapidly in the coming decade – as hundreds or thousands of corporations seek to purchase credits – TBN can now offer low cost and secured access to credits.

And it’s not just cost: TBN’s product also offers the best-available strategy to source credsits from a risk perspective. This is an emerging area and, in all frontier markets, there are bad actors. In many cases “greenwashing” isn’t just a perceived risk – it’s an actual risk. Only with full transparency and control your own project you can be assured that there is no reputational risk that could impact your company.

Compliance teams are happy with the low risk from deriving offsetting credits from the projects with world-leading standards and finance teams are happy with the low and fixed costs.

TBN offers a flexible approach: we provide fully audited and tradable credits, so if your company over-delivers on its carbon reduction policies, any excess credits from your TBN-delivered project can be sold in the market – receiving price premiums from being sourced from the highest quality projects.

Contact us today to discuss your specific carbon offsetting requirements and we can provide a detailed model of the full range of costs.